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Types of Software Bugs

Every software product contains some errors. A software bug is such a system behavior that does not meet the requirements and produces the incorrect results. It is impossible to develop a bug-free system.

The failures of software products can be of various types. Here are some of them.

  • Functional bugs – the improper system behavior or enabled product features.
  • Communication issues – the process of user’s communication with the product may be impossible because of this type of errors, for example, the guide is unavailable or the notifications are not shown.
  • Missing commands – some expected commands are omitted in the system.
  • Syntactic bugs – the grammar mistakes or misspelled words and sentences used in product GUI. Such errors can be connected with the localization procedure.
  • Improper handling of the errors – if something goes wrong, the user should get the proper and clear notification. Its text should be short and it should contain all necessary information about the nature of the error and the ways of its possible removal.
  • Calculation bugs – improper logic for calculation. The bright example of such an error is the lost Mars Climate Orbiter. Such situation happened because there were used English units in the metric system.
  • Control flow bugs – the violation of the sequence of actions.

The above-mentioned errors can be detected during different types of software testing, for example, functional, system, integration checking, etc. Besides that, there are several unusual bugs that may cause some difficulties during their discovering and fixing.What Are the Unusual Software Bugs?

  • Heisenbug – the errors of such a type can modify their properties. It is rather difficult to detect these issues as they will never be discovered in the debug-mode version of the product.
  • Bohrbug appears under set of unique conditions. Sometimes it is called ‘ghost’.
  • Mandelbug – the failure of chaotic nature. It is very difficult to define the actual reasons of this bug. It has very complex causes.
  • Schroedinbug appears because of unusual using of the product.
  • Phase of the Moon bug – rather rare error but it causes many troubles. It can appear because the system is vulnerable to some failures at the specific period of time and under particular conditions.
  • Statistical bug – the issue typical for aggregates. It violates the random producing of the particular output.

These bugs are rather severe and the development team should work hard in order to remove the issues. And testers should also apply different techniques and methodologies to detect the majority of serious bugs. For example, they use white box testing technique to better understand the system logic.

How Can SharePoint Help in Business Management?

Microsoft SharePoint is a web application platform that has been created by Microsoft for the purpose of document and content management. It has been created for managing heaps of data, and comes with huge flexibility as well as support for various add-ons. With every SharePoint version, you can find enhanced features and capabilities that can help in easier management of business operations. Read on and find out how SharePoint can aid in business management.

Complete management
According to SharePoint consultants, this web application platform works as an Intranet that allows workers to perform a wide range of functions, including document management, collaborating on new ideas or projects etc. You can also use it as a portal for posting key metrics and performance indicators. It can also be used for workflow applications.

Workflow Improvement
Microsoft SharePoint can also assist in the improvement of workflow. The cloud solutions of SharePoint can deal with almost any type of business workflow. It can be integrated very well with Microsoft Office stack and Outlook. Other than this, SharePoint can also be natively integrated with an SQL server, which makes data more purposeful for workers.

Collaboration in the workplace
The use of SharePoint can also promote greater collaboration within the workplace. Traditionally, any task is executed individually and then transferred to the employee who is next in line. However, with the help of SharePoint, all that you have to do is uploading on the SharePoint server the procedure manual. On a single platform, a document can be edited by different individuals.

Easy customization
You can also easily customize SharePoint, and eliminate the traditional email attachments, files and folders. You can easily store files on the website of SharePoint, and also restrict or grant access to other users to see a file. You will not need to worry about the business phone directory getting public either. Whenever anyone needs the directory, you can just send a mail containing the link that would take the recipient to the SharePoint server.

It will be assuring for you to know that every individual SharePoint team website can be set up on the server of SharePoint. In case you want your management team website to have all the information related to management stored in a proper way, you will need to be in charge of the management in order to get access to the website. Not being in the management team will not let you even know about its existence. Only the management team members will be able to see that specific website while others will be incapable to view the same. In this sense, SharePoint websites are extremely secure.

Support services
Every company has the need to maintain its information, documents, data and records in a proper way. Microsoft SharePoint support services can be very useful in these situations. These are especially helpful for companies without any document management system or formal automated workflow. Various small and mid-sized organizations lack a business automation system. SharePoint can benefit such companies, and if your business is similar, you will get obvious advantages.

4 Trends That Define Future Of Mobile App Development

With huge numbers of people downloading smartphones and mobile applications every other day, mobile app development has undoubtedly become one of the innovative and actively growing sectors. Google apps, social media, and gaming apps are arguably dominating the mobile application market. Besides, many giants are using mobile applications for branding, for direct marketing, to engage more customers, among many other reasons; and small and midsize businesses have also shifted towards the mobile trend. An effective mobile strategy is more than a mobile-friendly website. Mobile app development is driven by advancements in technology, thus businesses need to have a vision for upcoming few years.

Here are some trends which will determine the future of mobile app development:

1. Devices, You Can Wear
Seeing the growing trend of wearable devices, you can expect them ruling the world in the coming time. Smart wearables such as the Apple Watch and Microsoft’s Hololens have made way for an upcoming change in computing and the transition from basic to smart wearable. This transition has resulted into fresh opportunities for vendors, app developers, and accessory makers. In the approaching time, the smartphone will be the hub of a personal-area network that includes wearable gadgets like on-body healthcare sensors, smart watches, display devices, among many other sensors embedded in clothes and shoes. Such gadgets will communicate with mobile applications to provide information in fresh ways. Such a technology will result into the onset of an array of products and services in spheres, including health care, sport, fitness, fashion, etc. Considering the same, we can easily say that the wearable devices connected with smartphones are going to rule the next generation of mobile app development strategies. The workforce in the mobile app development sector has to stay in pace with the changing trends if they want to embrace success.

2. M-Commerce
According to some analysts, positive trend in mobile purchases is going to stay for some more years as large numbers of consumers have shifted to m-commerce. With the growing popularity of Apple Pay and Google Wallet, purchasing stuff using mobile phones rather than cards and all will become easier and common. But, for this, mobile app development workforce need to come up with a mobile application that can process transactions without needing physical debit/credit cards or cash. Besides, in the era of wearables capable of processing payments, m-commerce will take an entirely different shape. Lets see what the future holds for mobile app development.

3. Motion and Location Sensing:
Most of the mobiles we use today possess location sensor capabilities which use more than one positioning methods to offer distinct granularities of location data. Motion sensing apps are mainly used in security, anti-theft, power-saving and games. Location sensing plays an important role in Geotagging, Games, Vehicle navigation, and fitness apps. Apps that offer exact indoor location presently depend on technologies like Wi-Fi, imaging, ultrasonic beacons, and geomagnetic, but after some years technologies, including smart lighting will also become important. The onset of exact indoor location sensing along with mobile applications will make way for a new generation of highly personalized services and information. The mobile app development industry has been coming with innovative features and is likely to surprise the mobile and technology buffs in future also.

4. Innovative Mobile User Experience Design
Smooth and effective display of data and content on your mobile user interface is must for a sound user experience. Leading mobile app development companies have already come up with fresh patterns depicting intuitive designs and interactive interfaces. Designers devoted to mobile app development are also working on apps that can win mobile challenges, including partial user attention and interruption. Apps must make use of the technologies offering new and original features like interactive content layers, cards and manipulation of content, and circular design pattern. With these features, users get to interact with the content in more detail, resulting into ‘augmented reality’. The top notch consumer apps have already raised the bar for user interface design, and all organizations and mobile app development companies have to master new skills and work in fresh collaborations to fulfill growing user expectations.

Custom Application Development Has Become Imperative

Customization is par for the course of life; this is applicable not only to humans, but also to the entire animal kingdom. Life without adaptation is unfeasible. As far as human beings are concerned, this is an unavoidable part of all activities. Because of the huge technological leap that has come to pass in recent times, varied innovative ways have cropped up in various spheres of human activities. In conformity, custom application development has become crucial as regards the contemporary business activities.

A bespoke software system is a must for all businesses that function in our time. There is high competition in every field, and managing the organizational functions in a cohesive manner is very important. Only then, companies will be able to achieve their set goals precisely and perfectly. When the organizational activities are kept in disordered and incompetent ways, then that will seal the success leap of the organization. Hence, to thrive in this competitive business world, customized applications are necessary. The system should be created precisely in line with your business needs and the organizational working style. This is crucial to make the organizational working organized and effective. Smooth and organized working pattern is vital for the success of the company.

Key Advantages of Custom Application Development

  • The prime benefit is that you can control the entire activities related to your business in an economical manner by using the specifically developed software systems. You can stay away from the third-party apps, which will have less or added features that you don’t need. Moreover, as the system will be created with your business in clear focus, there will not be any complexities or intricacies in implementing the same.
  • The present market is very competitive, and specifically created software for your specific needs will lessen the burden of organizational management considerably.
  • Yet another advantage is the complete protection the user gains. Because of the exclusivity of the product, the usually-seen ‘commonness’ will be missing, and this will prevent hacking to some extent.
  • You can trim down the organizational working costs considerably. Moreover, the preciseness of the planning and execution will be commendable.
  • The overall organizational functions can be monitored smoothly and effectively.
  • The implementation costs will be comparatively less and this triggers more profit.

However, you must make sure that you hire the services of specialized software-development companies. This is imperative to get a perfectly tailored software system, which will be most suitable for your specific need.